Mountain Cattlemen

Caring for the High Country since 1834
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MCAV President Charlie Lovick

Message from Charlie Lovick - our President

Welcome to our website

Message from Charlie Lovick - our President

Buchan 2017

The Mountain Cattlemen’s Association was thrilled and humbled at the huge public attendance and strong support given to the Cattlemen’s cause at the 2017 Buchan Get Together. Attendance reached record numbers and everyone had a great time. A special thanks to the Buchan community for their support. Looking forward to coming back soon! Our small team led by Chris Cooper, did a great job behind the scenes and together with our administration team we once again put on a great show. On behalf of the MCAV I thank you one and all.

Who we are

The Mountain Cattlemen’s Association of Victoria (MCAV) represents a hardy group of people whose families and predecessors have grazed their cattle and maintained the Victorian High Country dating back to 1834. Cattlemen are celebrated as icons of the Australian bush. From Australian settlement to the present, caring for their cattle and custodianship of the land has been a cross generational family undertaking, so their training in the mountains is a lifetime experience. The cattlemen are known for their love and knowledge of the bush, for independent action but with the ability to co-operate. They are persistent. They have a profound interest in the past. They respect their elders because of past lessons learned. As the cattlemen went about their difficult business, a unique Australian culture and heritage was gradually developed without them even knowing!
We strive:
1. To promote the proud history of the Mountain Cattlemen’s heritage and culture by sharing our knowledge with all.
2. To continue to advocate for better public land management and advocate against more National Parks as a basic principle.
3. To advocate for and support the return of Alpine grazing in National Parks
4. To protect, support and increase the number of state forest grazing licenses.
5. To develop relationships with and support other public land user groups who have philosophies similar to the Mountain Cattlemen, concerning: sustainability, sound land management and to work with Indigenous groups associated with the High Country.

Join us in our efforts to ensure our culture and traditions carry on into the future by becoming a member of the MCAV.

Charlie Lovick

mountain cattlemen

2018 Get Together in the Omeo District
12-14 Jan 2018

Tickets on sale from 1st. June 2017.

Become a member

Support our cause, not only are you helping to preserve a vital part of Australia's heritage, but there are some great benefits to being a member. Click here to join.


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